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Establishing a new school provided us with a unique opportunity to capture the hopes, dreams and aspirations of our community for their children. Gumption were recommended to us for their ability to really listen to the vision for our school. We felt confident they listened with their hearts as well as their heads to our passion, to what we valued deeply and to the beliefs upon which we have founded our school. The Gumption team created a brand for our school that is distinctive and uniquely symbolizes all that we stand for and are proud of as a school community. Gumption continues to be a partner in our school's growth.

Steph McDonald
Principal, Makybe Rise Primary School

Makybe Rise Primary School

A new primary school in a new area quickly becomes the heart of a growing community, and it can become a focal point for new resident’s vision for their family’s dreams.

Understanding the value of branding to inspire pride, inclusiveness and a unique self-identity, the team at Makybe Rise asked Gumption to help them capture the essence of the school and make a focal point for their vision for the students and the broader school community.

The brand captures a sense of the philosophy of the tribe – of inclusiveness and learning, of growing together as a supporting group and of inspiring the individual strengths of ‘every child every day’.

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